Ashtanga yoga & our approach

Ashtanga yoga is a series of physical asana (postures) linked with conscious breath. This is the means/tool we use to cultivate strength, focus, discipline and to build resilience, allowing the mind to settle. We teach Open style classes (see below) that take into account your age and personal conditioning, customising the program to suit your needs. This way you develop a yoga practice that suits your current needs and also matures over time. 

Open classes

Open style classes are open to all students at all levels. In an Open style class, instead of following the routine as expressed by the teacher, you practise at your own pace doing the sequence of postures given to you by the teacher.  The teacher provides guidance and adjustments as necessary.  This means each individual student is practising at a suitable level.  We can cater to your needs regardless of your age or weight, your flexibility or lack of, or whether you’re on crutches or in a moonboot. 

How about beginners?

Beginners can start in any class. The best way to learn is to jump right in and start very slowly, feeling your way through the new movements. Beginners learn one posture at a time as the teacher guides them through a short series of moves relevant for them and the level they are starting at.

Contact Paul for further information or to let him know you're ready to start. 

Teen yoga - Led Class

Excellent for developing core strength, flexibility and concentration. We focus on body awareness and breathing leading to more confidence and centredness. (8 to 10 classes per term - Terms 1 -4)

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga is a gentle and effective way to strengthen your body and spirit, helping you to bring greater awareness to the changes within, while preparing you for birth.  Anna focuses on building strength, breath and pelvic floor awareness as well as postures that help open hips and shoulders to relieve stress and tension.

These classes run as four week block courses. Contact Anna for more info

One on Ones & Workshops

With more than 20 years of experience, Paul tailors each workshop to the group booked in on that day. Focus is on mobility, strength, the Ashtanga practice; breathing and making the most out of your practice.


One on ones for Rehab and mobility - contact Paul or Anna