Monthly unlimited (established students)


Monthly unlimited pass ($120 per month) are for established students.  This pass entitles you to attend an unlimited number of mid morning (8am, 9am, 9.30am) and evening Mysore classes (5pm) for one month.  


This $120 pass does not include access to early morning Mysore classes (5.30am).  Monthly unlimited passes start on the 1st of every month.


If you are new to yoga or Ashtanga yoga then please see Beginners passes.


What classes can you attend with this pass: Mornings: 9.30 Monday and Wednesday, 9am Friday, 8am Saturday AND  Evenings: Start 5pm Monday and Thursday. Start 5, 5.30 or 6pm Tuesday.


About Mysore classes: All ‘general’ classes are taught in a traditional Mysore style.  Mysore style classes provide an opportunity to learn and develop the practice in its traditional format, with personal guidance and adjustments from the teacher.  Newer students start with a short practice progressing through a set series of postures.  As you develop your practice more postures are added, one at a time.  New postures are added based on your flexibility, strength, breathing, concentration and dedication to practice.  In this way you progress at your own rate.  This helps in the cultivation of your own personal yoga practice and ensures that your yoga practice is suitable for own current level of fitness and flexibility. 



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