Sun salutes

Surya Namaskar Sun salutation

Traditionally when we practice Ashtanga Yoga, you stand facing East at sunrise.

If there is any material object to worship in this reality you can’t go past the Sun. Its not hard to convince anyone that without it we wouldn’t be up to much.

The Sun is rich with symbology of light and warmth and a morning prayer of gratitude can’t be a waste. 

So just the act of standing facing the sun is an acknowledgement of our place and of something greater than ourselves that we rely on for giving us life.

The first step of the sun salute is to inhale and take our arms above our head, press our hands together and look up. Inhaling we are receiving and welcoming life in. This position is vulnerable with our genitals, stomach and throat exposed. This openness is a display of trust and strength. The hands pressed together is the union of left and right, masculine and feminine, left and right brain, chaos and order, symbolising balance in the play of opposites.

Second position we exhale folding forward. Here we take what we have received and draw it inward expelling the breath with complete trust there will be another one. 

Third position head up. Again opening up and looking forward to the sun. Moving into the cyclical process with the breath, in and out, as in day and night, and light and dark.

Fourth position is the hardest position. All the vulnerable bits are hovering off the floor symbolising the strength of how low we can go without being sullied by our base nature.

Conquering that position we glide forward into the fifth position, heart fully open transitioning both worlds, low and high, yet fully open.

Sixth position we take all that strength into the most stable secure position yet, capturing all that base nature and drawing it upwards and inwards were we explore the stillness for five breaths.

Seven, eight and nine we recycle back through our steps to return to the beginning fully centred and repeat the cycle.

Ok so above is just a bit of fun and not an expert attempt by any means. 

Sometimes I am so lazy and go about everyday life missing much of the richness through lack of imagination. My world can become very two dimensional and flat. It always amazes me when I meet someone who has that childlike ability to add another dimension to the mundane. Its like adding colour to black and white, and flavour to food. Like anything surely comes with just a little practice. 


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