Updated: Jan 12, 2020

It’s not hard to find the chaos. Sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail just to get to class and land on your mat. Body is tired and unwilling and the mind has other ideas. Hair and clothing behave disobediently.  Order can be the antidote to that kind of chaos. Start moving with some structure, (tristana- breathing, posture and gazing point) and more often that not God willing things begin to settle. 

Too much order though and the practice gets robotic and dry. Do do do with no feel! As my massage teacher used to say.

Feelings lead us to the unknown so are not to be trusted ;)

Chaos is in part the collection of all things unfelt or acknowledged, the monsters within. 

Only once you have a solid foundation in order, can you start to lift the lid a little on chaos.

Lift it too early and your practice career could be over. Hence why it is good to go slowly and patiently creating order and not lifting the lid for a few years to solidify your foundation. 

Unfortunately all the gold is with the chaos. And we all want the gold thats part of the journey. If there is no gold at the end of the adventure whats the point?

So what does it mean to lift the lid?

We all have a comfort zone. This can be a line drawn in the sand on all sorts of levels.

Physical emotional, mental and even spiritual.

Once you have your foundation, the practice encourages you to work your edges. 

How powerful do you truly want to be? 

You hold your leg out in front of you, its shaking and your quad is exploding (well at least that is what it feels like). Every part of your being is telling you to put it down but you are only at 2 and you need to get to 5. Its a serious problem. What do you do? Most people speed the count up and drop their leg as to avoid spraying the person next to them with bits of their quadriceps. Most students are very polite that way. 

But what if your friendly teacher is standing right there counting and you are not sure but time seems to be expanding and he is counting very slowly. The nausea starts to rise, the room suddenly jumps 5 degrees in temp and you are in a full body sweat.

This is the chaos. You pushed your edge, lifted the lid and all of that stuff very rapidly rose to the surface. In those expanded moments limiting belief systems arose, fear was released and it can feel one part exhilarating and terrifying. You have a choice to either run or stand strong. What is hidden outside your comfort zone is potentiality, the great unknown, mystery and freedom. But only in small doses because you want to be back on the mat tomorrow.

5 and you get to lower you leg. Ah the relief till “And the other side!”

Getting the balance between order and chaos is the practice and it again has nothing to do with stretching. :)


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