General Classes


General classes


Ways to continue your yoga journey:

Mysore classes

(for established students)


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General led (talk through) class

(for fit and able bodied students who have some

familiarity with the Ashtanga sequence)

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Deepening your practice

(private sessions)

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General classes

(for established students)

Most of our ‘general’ classes are taught in a traditional Mysore style.  Mysore style classes provide an opportunity to learn and develop the practice in its traditional format, with personal guidance and adjustments from the teacher.  


As you develop your practice more postures are added, one at a time.  New postures are added based on your flexibility, strength, breathing, concentration and dedication to practice.  In this way you progress at your own rate.  This helps in the cultivation of your own personal yoga practice and ensures that your yoga practice is suitable for own current level of fitness and flexibility. 


If you are new to yoga or Ashtanga yoga then visit our Beginners page to find out more about the different ways to start your practice.   



Please also check the current timetable


Early mornings*: 5.30am Monday, Wednesday, Friday

(*Note: Bookings required for early mornings. See separate pricing for these classes)


Mid-mornings: 9.30 Monday and Wednesday, 9am Friday, 8am Saturday


Evenings: Start 5pm Monday and Thursday. Start 5, 5.30 or 6pm Tuesday.


Select the pricing structure to suit your practice

& click here to purchase your pass online

Monthly unlimited: $120 per month (due 1st every month)

Ten class pass: $150 (Strict 12 week expiry)

Drop ins: $20 (no beginners)

Early morning pass*: $160

[*Early morning classes have limited space.  The cost to attend these classes is $160 per month and allows you to access all other classes. Please email to request a place]


General led (talk through) class

(for fit and able bodied students

who have some familiarity with the Ashtanga sequence)

These classes are offered as a series of eight to ten classes on a term by term basis.  Students are expected to sign up for the entire term.  

Starting with surya namaskāra (sun salutations), we will work breathe by breathe through the standing āsana (postures) and first half of the Ashtanga Primary Series seated āsana.

These classes are reasonably fast paced and suitable only for bodies that are fit and injury free.   


Term 4: $150 (ten weeks)


Thursday nights 6.45 - 8pm


Term Four (2019): 17th October - 19th December

To book:


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Deepening your yoga practice

Established students are also welcome to book private classes as the need arises.  This can be helpful if you have a specific issue or goal you wish to work with. 



$80 per hr


To book: 

email or

& click here to purchase your pass online


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