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Closing Dates for regular classes. 

Last class Saturday 21st December

First class back Monday 20th January 

December 2019

Proposed Summer Workshop

November 2019

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Pregnancy Yoga Course

November 2019




Latest Course

Starts 20 November till 18 December

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About the tradition


Yoga is primarily a practice of presence, training the body and the mind to be with what is in any given moment. Ashtanga Yoga is a series of physical Asana (postures) linked with a conscious breath. This is the means/tool with which we use to cultivate strength, focus, discipline and to build resilience allowing the mind to settle.


What we offer

General classes

Beginners classes for those new to Ashtanga yoga

Personalised (one on one) yoga

Rehab and mobility expertise


Pregnancy yoga classes (and massage)

Yoga for teens and young people (11+)



Class timetable



5.30am Mysore (Bookings only)



(General & Beginners)

From 5pm


(General & Beginners)


Beginner (talk through class)

(Bookings only)



9.30 am


(General Beginners)


4 – 4.45pm Teens

(Bookings only)


From 5pm


(General & Beginners)


5.30am Mysore

(Bookings only)



(General & Beginners)







Pregnancy Yoga



5.30am Mysore (Bookings only)



(General & Beginners)






Pricing & Bank Details

Click here to see pricing and purchase passes online

or pay direct to the following bank accounts:

For all passes and classes except for talk through class and teens - Creative healing (Paul) 38-9000-0509772-00

For teens and talk through classes - Buddhi (Rika) 38-9006-0584108-02

For pregnancy yoga - A Axfeldt (Anna) 38 9010 0529064-01


Paul Scriven



Paul has been practicing Vipassana Meditation, Traditional Thai Massage and Yoga for 25 years. He has completed dozens of 10 day silent retreats and a 20 day retreat. This continues to be the foundation of all his work and influences everything he shares.

He began his massage training in 1994 at ITM in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has since spent many years studying under different teachers before finally finding the master teacher Pichest Boonthumme in 2005. Paul has also taught massage classes around NZ since 1999 and continues to teach but now only one on one.

Paul studied Iyengar yoga in Auckland before moving to Tauranga where he continued to study at the Tauranga Yoga Centre and was a teacher for six years and a past president. Since discovering Ashtanga Yoga he has dedicated his practice and teaching to this remarkable style of Yoga. He assisted Peter Sanson for four years in a unique apprentice type situation, and has travelled to Mysore, India twice to study. 

Paul has an eclectic style, teaching traditional Mysore style classes, but with modern influences from the likes of Ido Portal and Dr. Andreo Spina. Paul is most passionate about making your time spent on the mat relevant and useful to your daily life.

Anna Axfeldt


Anna has been a passionate Yoga practitioner for 24 years. Initially she practiced Iyengar Yoga for ten years before discovering Ashtanga. From that moment on she has been dedicated Ashtanga practitioner. Her love of Yoga  carried her through two pregnancy’s and now loves to share this art with expecting mums.  She has also studied a variety of massage techniques under various teachers, culminating in a holistic massage that is deep yet relaxing. Her Cranio-sacral practice, which induces the receiver into the most profound sense of relaxation, is her greatest gift. Experiencing is believing.

Rika Milne


Rika attended her first yoga class more than 20 years ago. She practiced Iyengar yoga for many years before experiencing Ashtanga yoga for the first time in 2006. Since that time, Rika has dedicated her practice to Ashtanga under the expert guidance of teacher Paul Scriven. Rika has travelled to Mysore three times, where she has practiced with both Sharath Jois and his mother Saraswathi Jois. Rika regularly attends workshops with Peter Sanson; and whilst she has a daily home practice, she frequents class as often as possible to practice with her teacher.  

Rika began assisting Paul Scriven in 2014 and since that time has developed her teaching through an apprentice type situation.



Our address
113 Newton Street
(Above Bake Boss)
Mount Maunganui

Paul: 0272777620 (All general inquiries)

Anna: 0276992738 (Pregnancy yoga & massage)

Rika: 0274166974 (Talk through classes & Teens)


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